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First Outing: What bits are we missing? West Wittering - Wednesday 13th June 2018

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Of course the idea of a Campervan is great, but slightly less great when it just sits on the driveway. You look at it thinking how much did that cost? Was I mad to buy it? What am I going to do with it? When am I going use it? So, wanting to ease the anxiety we set forth on our first drive out.... West Wittering or bust!

OK at this point let's lay it out there. I am Twu the Owl, so my wife has assumed the role of the 'Pussycat' as in 'The Owl and The Pussycat'. OK she's a Pussycat with an impressive/scary bark, but for the purpose of simplicity she is the Pussycat.

The children for now are simply referred to as 'the young ones'.

Back to the story...The plan for the day was a simple one. Myself and Pussycat load the young ones into the Campervan around 8.30am, drop them off at school, keep going until we hit West Wittering then park up enjoy some breakfast and finish it off with a walk along the beach before getting back in time to collect them around 3pm. And for once the plan pretty much came together.

OK... I was late and not quite ready so they were piled into Pussycat's Mini, kicked out with sandwiches and school bags thrown onto the pavement for them to pick up and we set off in hurry around 9.30am but you get the general idea.

The 55 mile or so journey took about an hour and a half. We pleaded with, begged and lied to the young lady on the parking gate who wanted to charge us £7 to park for the day. We pointed out it was already 11am and we'd be gone by 1pm, but alas she was not for turning so we coughed up our entrance fee and drove off to find a suitable parking place.

Car parking was easy. School day, massive field behind the regular parking area, completely empty, that'll do we thought.

We parked up sideways and opened the side door, well that's what Campervan owners do isn't it? We spun round the double passenger seat - with a bit of difficulty...

...the guy who sold us the Camper demonstrated it to us in in a few simple seconds with a few simple flicks of his wrists - he had not used any of the irate swear words being muttered under my breath whilst trying to maintain a smile and the look of cool calm for my darling Pussycat.

Eventually sorted, we cracked open the food and set about cooking. Eggs and quorn sausages fried in butter.... but no tea or coffee and err.. no plates! Bugger!

But that's what this mission was all about to work out what we didn't have before we set off on a world tour.

Pussycat sauntered off to the fish and chip shack and returned with all items required. Fresh tea in hand and a breakfast cooked by own own fair hands.... a win already I thought to myself. We'd been here a few weeks prior and lunch had set us back thirty quid or so and this time all it had cost us was £3 - well that is if you choose to overlook the £25 stocking up on goods at the local Spar just before we parked up... but surely stock items for the cupboard don't count do they?

Food over we took a walk down the beach. West Wittering is an awesome beach; long and sandy with pockets of water to paddle in or the sea to swim in if the fancy takes you. We wandered around for an hour or so then headed back to the Camper, spun the seat back round and headed off home with plenty of time to spare before school pick-up.

All in all a successful trip. A new list created of all the things missing such as plates, black bin liners, spatulas etc.. and a plan to make ourselves even more prepared for the next adventure.

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My name is Twu and I am an Owl. I spend most of my time living in North East Hampshire, in the South of England.

To quote Lao Tzu, "A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."  In June 2018 I bought my first Campervan with those words in mind.   

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