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The New Forest 28.06.18

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

New Forest - "How did you sleep?" Glad you asked......

First time out proper for two nights in the Camper I wanted to experience sleeping both on the bed and up on the boards, to see if any 'tweaks' were required. So last night was my turn to be the 'peasant on the parcel shelf' and sleep upstairs on the boards..... and what an experience it was.

Firstly, upstairs has a sloping roof which expands from 0 to 3.5 feet. The 3.5 end feels spacious and airy, perfect for resting the head with feet down the other end.

Problem being we left one of the boards at home thinking "not required" which meant I had to fit my at 5 foot 11 frame into a 5' 6" space.... to fit I had to position myself awkwardly and diagonally, desperately trying not to rip the foot end of the roof, thus it looked - and felt - much like I'd dislocated my left foot and suffered some form of tortuous disfigurement to my right. That coupled with three back vertebrae being realigned on the sturdy boards made for a tricky nights sleep!

'Chipmunk' of course had a glorious nights sleep, snug downstairs on the 6 foot x 4.5 foot bed.

Have you ever seen that Hippo advert on TV where it turns over and doesn't wake the one sleeping beside them? Well this was the exact opposite....

'Chipmunk' seems to have an interesting sleeping turning technique. Every time she needed to turn, much like a WWF wrestler grappling with an opponent trying to pin them to the canvass, she would elevate herself off the bed by 4 or 5 inches and then body slam herself down in an attempt to murderously crush her opponent.

Similar to the actions of the Killer Whale over at Florida sent high into the sky to jump through a hoop before coming crashing down, the reverberations upstairs were terrifying.

5 or 6 times during the night as she turned and landed it would result in me being bounced up in the shelf, gaining about 6 inches of air and trying to stop myself toppling off the shelf like a skilled body surfer.

It was like sleeping in a zoo with a very angry gorilla!

....additional note to self, "Do not leave the keys down below with guests, as if required in the dark, making a 3am pee dash is literally an accident waiting to happen."

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