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The First Overnighter 26/06/18 Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

As it turns out, Durdle Door is not a grey haired wizard from Harry Potter but in fact a stunning natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. Seriously, how can this place be in my wonderful Country and yet I have never been here before?

Durdle Door 26.06.18

Three points to note here:

1. Durdle Door is privately owned by a family who own 12,000 acres in Dorset.

2. The word "durdle" means drill in Old English.

3. I spent the first night cacking myself, concerned that my travelling companion, an 11 stone, 5' 5" female might collapse through the untested parcel shelf above my head and squash me to death whilst I slept on the rock n roll bed below.

4. I lied, there are four points. You must go. If you have never been to Durdle Door then you must go. It is on the South Coast and simply stunning.

This was officially my first overnight adventure and again part of the plan was to work out "what's missing". What have I not got that I'll need to make this the perfect Campervan, that I can just pop my keys into on my driveway and just GO!

Turning up at the Campsite felt like a victory, the Camper had made it. My travelling companion 'the Chipmunk' had been great company on the way down. As you know, Chipmunks are mostly recognisable due to their physical traits such as their numerous stripes on their faces, sides and backs. This 'Chipmunk' however is most recognisable for her ability to eat large amounts of cheese wherever possible... and accompanied often by large vats of red wine - or on this trip lots of multi coloured and flavoured cider.

The campsite had two options for parking up both similarly priced for the night. We opted for the £34 including hook up, although that was possibly overkill as all we had was a fridge that would've been fine on 12v for the night, but at least we got to charge phones etc..

It's kinda weird in that I had assumed when you bought a Campervan that life on the road would thereafter be free to camp. I know stupid school boy ridiculous assumption - but I hadn't thought it would be £34 a night! Nice view and scenery and a stunning bit of coastline - but still £34 quid took me by surprise!

I looking forward to doing some free stops at some point and I'll be up for nipping out on my own in time, but for now, until I've tried out this Campervan life in full, I'm unsure I'm brave enough just yet for lonesome wild camping, so for now I'm on the look out for companions. Here's an open invitation to family and friends out there....

"I'm taking bookings for Tuesday night to Thursday morning adventures. Send a postcard to the usual address marked "I have a house and a warm bed to sleep in but would rather kip in a van drinking cider and playing Perudo"

The stunning Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. Don't think about it. Just go!

A few pictures below from the first night and the sensational picturesque views.

Lulworth Cove 27.06.18

Delighted to not have been attacked by bears or burgled and well chuffed that the first test of the 'parcel shelf' upper tier had been tested and had not collapsed killing me instantly we decided to head out on a walk over the hills and far away to a place called Lulworth Cove.

I say over the hills and far away - but - in reality it wasn't that far and going downhill into the Cove was awesome.... The Cove itself is magical and a little step back into little England of old. I'd heard of it but had never visited and again, if you've not bene then you're missing out on some stunning scenery and natural beauty.

The walk back up again later was a different story as "Chipmunk" struggling after years of Benson and Hedges abuse had to take regular "Oh lets stop here and take in the view" breaks. I'm all one for taking in a view, but every 15 seconds?

Slightly in touch with my feminine side I have to say my photos below do not do this place justice - it is as mentioned, stunning and incredibly beautiful.... and for me it was the perfect office for the day - I had my phone on me for any emergency callouts and luckily nothing came in.

New Forest 27.08.18

Deciding not to hang around for another night we headed off towards the New Forest to see if there was anywhere we might 'Wild Camp' for the night.

Stunning weather, we pulled up off the road in a New Forest car park and fired up the cooker. Now, I have two games resident in the Campervan (1) Perudo, 'the 2nd most addictive thing to come out of South America" (2) Strategy. We decided it was time, over a burger and cider (or cheese and cider) to put them to the test.

See photo below - First game of Stratego in Campervan. Blue (Twu) captures Red (Chipmunk) flag and wins. Surprisingly, Chipmunk nowhere to be seen for the photo (either crying or burying some cheese no doubt). Tears and Tantrums at Teatime - Welcome to the Forest!

Next up, Perudo and the best of 5. Chipmunk gets all smarmy and takes a 2-0 lead, Twu battles back hard to make it 2-2 and its down to the last.... the tension mounts (for Chipmunk of course - never in doubt for Twu) and shortly, boom... 3-2 to Twu.

In short I am the undefeated Perudo and Stratego champion of the world...ish

Now to find somewhere to sleep for the night.... but of course first....anyone for Tea & Cake?

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