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So what would you have done?

We were walking back across the car park on Hive beach when I glanced down and something caught my eye. On the ground was a crumpled, dry piece of paper, nothing exceptional about it in the least.

I stooped down, picked it up, unfurled it and was intrigued to see it was a little hand written note as follows:

It was clear that this piece of paper was a bit weathered, had been driven and walked over more than a few times and was quite possibly a few days old (at least).

However, what a fantastically, intriguing piece of writing. Whoever had drafted the note was keen to "track down" a particular car. Not 'find' or 'locate' a particular car but actually "track down". That in itself had an element of detective about it and that was just in the first line.

The next bit gave the piece of paper some age. It referred to "earlier tonight". It was currently around 1pm and "earlier tonight" would have been written at night, which to me suggested possibly 9pm... at least 16 hours before maybe 40+ hours before.

Reading on, the writer is wanting to confirm the driver of the car they were trying to "track down" was "OK". "OK" suggests that in fact the driver might not have been "OK". Had there been tears? Perhaps a separation from a boyfriend or girlfriend? Had there been a fight? Had someone left a gathering in a hurry looking concerned or worried? What on earth was it all about? The note was signed by "Gayle" and she gave her mobile phone number.

This note now in MY hands was clearly something. I could not just discard it, drop it on the floor or drop it into a rubbish bin. This note in my hands was meant for someone by a concerned well meaning party.

This note had concern. This note had mystery. So I did what I would hope any other respectable honourable person might do..... Yep... we drove to the next Town, went on the hunt for a white Fiat 500 then popped it on the windscreen!

I hope it helped and didn't cause any confusion!?

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My name is Twu and I am an Owl. I spend most of my time living in North East Hampshire, in the South of England.

To quote Lao Tzu, "A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."  In June 2018 I bought my first Campervan with those words in mind.   

I now have the opportunity to live in numerous places as and when time allows.  I enjoy documenting my travels and my Campervan experiences.


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