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Hive Beach - Two Men, No Plans, Bit of Time - Day 3

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Having sorted ourselves out from the mornings endeavours, we punched into the SatNav the postcode for Hive beach and off we sailed.

The route was exceptional. Long winding Country roads, open fields and the real feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We arrived at the recommended restaurant around 1pm and joined a queue waiting to be seated.

With a few minutes on my hands my mind wandered and began thinking of ways in which I might 'surprise' or 'embarrass' Silverback, my companion, or potential gain a few freebies or a nice seating location. So, when the waitress come over and asked us if we would like a table I informed her with gusto "Yes please. We are here today to review the restaurant on behalf of an online publication. It's our first time here and we are very much looking forward to it".

Open mouthed Silverback then followed the Waitress and I to a table in the already heaving, almost full restaurant.

"What did you say that for?" giggled Silverback.

"Well you never quite know where something like that might lead" I replied.

With that the menus were delivered by the Manageress with the enquiry "So who are you writing for?", "It's a new website called Campervan breaks in the South" I replied. Not in the least phased or impressed she disappeared and brought us our drinks.

We forgot and broke the golden rule of following the recommendation of the crab sandwiches and instead opted for a whole fresh Crab £20 and Fish 'n' Chips £15. The crab arrived and in the rather posh surroundings I literally had no idea what part I was supposed to eat, how I was supposed to eat it and any required etiquette.

Much to the merriment of my lunching companion I cracked open crab legs, sucked and slurped at the largely empty cavity within and 30 minutes or so later, whilst Silverback sat there full to the brim on a splendid find cod and chips, I sat there there ready having barely eaten ready for a meal! Now the crab sandwiches that would have been an excellent idea.

It was during that lunch though that future plans took shape. Looking around us and the amount of food people were leaving on their plates, chips, salads, bread, a bit of fish here and there we decided that very soon we would embark on a 'Free Week' when we would set off on an adventure and try to live for a week without buying any food just living on what Supermarkets throw away, what people leave on their plates, what we can find or indeed what we might scrounge. Could it be done? Well thats an adventure yet to be had!!

Hive beach was beautiful. A lovely shingle beach that just begs to be walked along with stunning rock formations . There were plenty of people about, walking dogs, fishing, picnicking or just sitting.

Whilst I was a bit peckish still, my mind was soon diverted as my big old (full) lumbering companion hit the deck with cramp. A large man collapsing in shingle just for my entertainment, well what more could I wish for? I thought of helping him up... but I was enjoying myself laughing too much. Up he got and down he went a few more times on the way back to the car. Whilst he was off on his 'attention-seeking' antics I set about investigating the shingle, shells and stones.

I found this little beauty. The shell of some kind of murderous sea creature. I popped it in my bag and off we ventured in search of a 'Wild Camping' spot for the night...

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