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"Hello - Is your T5 Camper still available?" 06.06.18

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Looking through my recently bought Campervan magazine I was impressed by the articles, events and pictures of all the stunning vans. Having taking the decision to to buy one a mere 3 days before but with the words of Richard "Take your time and don't rush into buying anything" ringing in my ears, I tentatively flipped to the Classified section.

There sitting in the bottom right hand corner, of page 95, casually gazing up at me, was an advert for what looked like a pretty decent van. Intrigued to know more I took down the mobile contact number and dropped the seller a text asking if it was still for sale. I received back a response almost immediately:

"Hi Yes it is, but we are going away in it next week to the French and German Grand Prix, so will not be back until the end of July. We are in Wokingham, you are welcome to come and look if you want"

Good and bad I thought... Wokingham - that's awesome well within 'going to view distance' so, I followed this up with:

"So, you'd not be looking to sell this side of the weekend then?" The reply was swift "No 'fraid not"

A little disappointed I thought, 'well, it's nearby, so why not go see it anyway?' at least it's local and it's a box ticked in terms of seeing a few before you know...something to compare the rest too!

I made arrangements, and the following morning myself and my good lady, set off to meet Peter at his house to view the T5.

The long and the short of it is this. When you are buying anything for a decent sized lump of cash you need to have faith in the seller, they need to tick a few boxes and you need someone else with you to reassure you that you're not completely off your rocker.

We arrived at a nice house (tick), in a nice neighbourhood (tick) and were greeted by Peter, a lovely man (tick) who absolutely loved (tick) and adored (tick) his T5. He showed us around the T5, explained what he had done with it (tick), where he had travelled (tick), how he was about to use it for 6 weeks across a number of European countries (tick) with his wife.

Having passed the 'He is 100% a genuine seller who has looked after his Campervan" test, he then took us for a quick spin around the block. The Campervan had 4 wheels, the key worked in the ignition and the Campervan made it round the block and back again - this is about as much as I know about vehicles - so a resounding, fully comprehensive test "PASS".

We parked up, I looked at briefly at my good lady for reassurance and there she was sat inside the van on the rear seats, beaming from ear to ear with a "It's" look. I hadn't seen her this excited since the January sales and me giving her unrestricted access to my credit card in 1999. For her it was a slam dunk clear winner.

I thanked Peter for his time and asked him again to confirm that it wasn't for sale until he returned from his travels. To my surprise, he immediately replied that he would happily sell it if the price was right. It was up for £14,750 and after a bit of negotiation settled and shook at £14,250 (and a full tank of fuel).

That was it. My search had consisted of a bit of online research, buying the first magazine I could find, some wise (ignored) words from a Campervan veteran and one viewing.

Concerned I had just leapt into something I knew nothing about I transferred the funds before I had a chance to change my mind and Peter was left to explain to his lovely wife how 6 weeks abroad in the glorious T5 was to become 6 weeks abroad in a small tent in an overstuffed small car!

'People buy people' and Peter was perfect. Thank you and may the adventures begin!

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