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My name is Twu (as in t'wit t'wu) and I am an Owl. I spend most of my time living in North East Hampshire, in the South of England. However, on Thursday 7th June 2018, around 10.35am, I bought my first Campervan, a white Volkswagen T5 with 117,000 miles on the clock. This site is devoted to what happened next.

On my travels I ask people where I should head off to next rather than choosing somewhere myself. One of my next adventures is to be the North Coast 500 at the end of August. A lovely woman recommended it on a recent stopover at the Batcombe Campsite (Batcombe was another recommendation by a man I bumped into in a local Acupuncturists! - Awesome recommendation).

If you have somewhere to recommend please get in touch. All tips, tricks and suggestions most welcome.

A book can make a great companion. Below are a few books I've read some of which are truly awesome.

The Last American Man - Elizabeth Gilbert

This book explores the true story of Eustace Conway, who left his comfortable suburban home at the age of seventeen to move into the Appalachian Mountains, where for the last twenty years he has lived, making fire with sticks, wearing skins from animals he trapped, and living off the land. A charismatic and romantic figure, both brilliant and tormented, brave and contradictory, restless and ambitious, Conway has always seen himself as a "Man of Destiny" whose goal is to convince modern Americans to give up their materialistic lifestyles and return with him back to nature.

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America Unchained - Dave Gorman

A true travel story. The plan was simple. Go to America. Buy a second-hand car. Drive coast-to-coast without giving any money to "The Man". What could possibly go wrong? 

Dave Gorman set off on the ultimate American road trip in search of the true independent heart of the USA. Dismayed by the relentless onslaught of faceless American chains muscling in where local businesses had once thrived, He would eat cherry pie from local diners, re-fuel at dusty gas stations and stock up on supplies from Mom and Pop's grocery store. At least that was the idea. But when did you last see an independent gas station?


His road trip mutates into an odyssey of near-epic proportions and he finds himself being threatened at gun point in Mississippi, Dave starts to worry about what's going to break down next. The car... or him?

Very funny well told story of a classic adventure.

One Red Paperclip - Kyle MacDonald

True story. Kyle MacDonald wanted his own house. The problem was he didn't have a job and he didn't have any money. Thinking back to his childhood he remembered the game he loved to play - Bigger and Better. It was a way of trading your old stuff to get bigger and better new stuff.

This got Kyle thinking. Could that kind of entrepreneurial spirit turn tiny objects into big ones? 
And then he saw it. One red paperclip, sitting on his desk, holding the pages of his CV together. So he wrote an internet advert hoping to trade one red paperclip and suddenly his inbox filled with responses: the trading had begun.

One small paperclip was the beginning of a great big adventure.

Inspirational and highly entertaining read.

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There's nothing quite like jumping in a Camper, turning the key, firing up the engine and setting off with the freedom of the long open road ahead. Never-ending back roads, wide meandering country tracks, beautiful bends through some of the finest coastal scenery.  Strap yourself in as Twu takes some time to take you through his adventures. Get in touch and share your travels as inspiration for perhaps the next road trip. 


About Me

My name is Twu and I am an Owl. I spend most of my time living in North East Hampshire, in the South of England.

To quote Lao Tzu, "A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."  In June 2018 I bought my first Campervan with those words in mind.   

I now have the opportunity to live in numerous places as and when time allows.  I enjoy documenting my travels and my Campervan experiences.


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